I sat in the car this morning while my wife went into the local organic food store to shop. In my idleness, I found myself perusing the advertisements in the storefront of the convenience store: state-sponsored gambling, vaping, various tobacco products, sugary beverages, all manner of fried and highly processed foods, and all manner of products containing CBD. The only thing missing was alcohol, but that's conveniently located two storefronts down. All these products exhibit some degree of addictiveness. All are injurious to health. Some are directly connected to large-scale health problems in the U.S., particularly if they contain alcohol, sugar, high levels of fat, or highly processed ingredients. 12.5% of Americans still smoke despite its suicidal impacts on the cardiovascular system. In a democratic country, the people are free to grant themselves access to all manner of addictive substances that essentially poison our minds and bodies. It becomes a race to mediocracy. The downside to this is that we are declining as a nation. A recent report finds that the percentage of American youths unable to serve in the military has risen to 77% because they are either overweight, using drugs, or having other physical or mental problems.