I use several mental tools to motivate my running. My total yearly mileage has slipped since 2019. I find that charting my runs to capture daily and weekly mileages, along with average paces, is very helpful in motivating me. Since I'm attempting to push up my total miles, the best way to do it is week by week. So, I made this visualization in Python using Pandas and Matplotlib. It is a grouped vertical bar chart where the groupings correspond to each week of the year. Each group is comprised of a bar representing 2023's mileage for the week, 2024's mileage, and a blank space, which I implement with a bar of 0 height. Grouping the bars required some fairly complicated indexing into the data and along the x-axis. 

This year I am going to track two charts, one is a stacked bar chart of weekly mileage including, daily miles. The other chart will be this one.