Over the past months, I have separately developed four views of my running data:

  1. A stacked bar chart showing weekly cumulative miles with paces shown as a line chart, "Weekly Cumulative Miles by Week,"
  2.  A grouped bar chart comparing 2023 weekly miles to 2024: "Running in 2023 Compared to 2024,"
  3. A bar chart showing cumulative miles by quarter since the first quarter of 2013: "Cumulative Miles by Quarter,"
  4. A bar chart showing cumulative miles by year since 2013: "Cumulative Miles by Year."

Most recently, I have integrated the four scripts into one using Matplotlib's subplots function. Each chart's code is at varying completeness levels, and I have a few items hard-coded for convenience. But I wanted to post this as a baseline of my efforts.

I have additional code in read_garmin.py which is not shown here yet.