Trump’s monumental ego, driven by proportional insecurity, prevents him from acknowledging that he was an incumbent president who lost to a rival he called “sleepy”. Of the 34 Presidents who have run for re-election, 13 have managed to lose. Trump is unable to accept this disconcerting capstone to his public life, his life in general. While he suffers from his psychological deficiencies, his followers have no such excuse.

The “stop the steal” crowd suffers from group delusional disorder brought on by too much time watching Fox and trolling on Breitbart-like websites. They need to man up to the reality that there is no international cabal, no deep state conspiring to make the ex President fail. He does that on his own. Of 54 lawsuits Trump and his ilk have filed in an effort to prove the election was stolen from him a whopping 14 were dropped by the plaintiff, 31 were dismissed by the judge as without merit, and 6 were lost outright. As of March 27, 2021, two trials are ongoing and one is in appeals. Trump achieved this dismal record despite the fact that the presiding judges were often appointed by Republican Presidents, Trump included. Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s not so secret ace in the hole for when he, as he knew he would, brought the election court case to the Supreme Court, refused to hear him.

Using the lie of fraudulent elections, Georgia has massively curtained voter rights. But the harsh light of courtroom reality shines on their lie exposing the true reason for making it harder to vote. A dwindling White racist majority is slowly losing a demographic race with younger, more liberal, Whites and people of color. Democracy is taking its course unless you move to undermine democracy. Georgia Republicans have demonstrated that they are willing to do so to keep power.