Of course, all unnecessary loss of life is unfortunate. The men in the submersible that were lost near the Titanic each paid a quarter of a million dollars for their ride to see an old wreck. They were wealthy adventurers. I read somewhere that their rescue attempt cost $6.5 million. It certainly captured the news media's attention. 

Last week a boat of migrants trying to get to the European Union sank in the Mediterranean with 750 people aboard. So far, 80 bodies have been found. Unlike the wealthy adventurers, these souls escaping destitution did not have their bios published by Reuters. Their boat floundered off of Greece, which has reportedly been abandoning migrants back at sea. There's even a video.

I can't help but wonder how many lives in the Mediterranean would have been saved if the $6.5 million were applied to the refugee problem on the sea border between Europe and the Middle East and Africa.