We saw the season's first hummingbird yesterday on Easter. He was a ruby-throat. It's an appropriate symbol for the rebirth of summer as the sun crosses the equatorial plane on it's return to the north.

My allergies have been really bad this year. I was knocked down after my 12-miler last Sunday and truly miserable on Monday and Tuesday. I spent the second half of the week trying to pull myself back to a sense of well-being. Yesterday, I pulled myself out of my physical and emotional funk enough to work legs. This morning, I'm doing compound upper dumbbells. In my own defense, however, there is a safety component to my lay off: my sense of balance has been mildly off during the week. Free weight training while experiencing mild vertigo is an invitation to disaster.

It is not a strong workout. Reps are down across the board. But I'm here. Paraphrasing: before the strong workouts must come the weak ones. It can be discouraging at times, but as much as I self-identify with my fitness, I have to stop the erosion in self-image.

It is inevitable, tomorrow's workout will be stronger. Tomorrow's will will be stronger. Tomorrow, Denise and I hit the roads running again. It is inevitable: Spring is here.