IMG 4078

75 F. 97% relative humidity.

Today was my first run in five weeks. My knee is still very slightly swollen, but the vascularity in my right calf is starting to return. There is no pain or discomfort. 

It was very moist out there, which made for a seriously sweaty run. While I felt fairly good, my performance readiness was -5 and dropped to -7 during the run. I did not feel unduly tired, maybe because of the novelty of being out there again. I strove to keep my maximum heart rate (MHR) below 80%. This became impossible during the last mile and a half back home since there was some elevation gain, and I had probably lost some fluids then through sweat.

I iced my knee after the run. This week, I plan to run what I call an "X = 3 miles week." The pattern is simple: three miles on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, three more on Saturday, and six miles on Sunday. I think my fall marathon ambitions are finished for the year, but I still plan to build up the mileage. 

I do not consider myself totally out of the woods yet. My knee is still mildly swollen, and I'm icing it multiple times daily. The six miles I hope to run on Sunday seem a long shot today. I can only try.

IMG 4081

This nasty little deer fly fell off me after I got home. I managed to nail him when I was about a quarter mile from home on my way back. The deer and horse flies are remarkably aggressive this year, perhaps because of our long, hot, dry spell. I started my run pre-dawn when they are not usually active. I was wearing a white top, which worked last year to discourage them. They also ventured further from the woodland canopy to pursue human blood. 

The dog days of summer are here. They are going to last a long time.