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It was balmy weather today for my 4.3-miler. Typically, 72 F. would be a bit warm, but the humidity was 27%. I barely broke a sweat. Garmin told me to take a day off from running, but my training readiness was 71. After the run started, my performance condition was 1, so I'm glad I did not cancel it. I only dropped one performance condition point during the run, so I know I made the right choice. I went out of my way to keep the overall effort low.

My goal is to hit five-day running weeks this year. I've struggled to achieve the consistency necessary. The pattern that I want to follow is to take Monday off to recover from longer runs on Sunday. Then, run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with some speed work on the last day. Take Friday off to recover from Thursday. Finally, end the week with longer runs on Sunday and, perhaps, Saturday. The key is that any unscheduled day missed can result in a training week that could be as much as five straight days of training. This last scenario would be very tough on both legs and overall energy levels. 

I gained a percentage point from Garmin's estimate of my head acclimatization. I'm at about 2% now.