This is the best integration of whole-body strength training with running that I have achieved since my Marine Corps days. I am still sub-maximal on deadlifts and squats but slowly increasing repetitions. I can feel these two movements' stress on my core and credit the deadlift for my three-minute plank without training abs. While this is not an excuse for not doing planks, I know I should. 

Tomorrow will be another early morning run. Garmin recommended 4x400 repeats this morning, but I deferred them until Friday and did not do them on a leg day. Fast repeats can be exhilarating but also require concentration and discipline. I have not been good at these last two attributes since my return to running in 2004. But the ugly truth about running is that to run faster; you need to run faster.

You also need to drop weight to run faster. This is something I have failed to do since Covid.

I realized several years ago that training advice to seniors to back off on intensity is completely wrong. I recently came across a quote attributed to Hippocrates in Cardiovascular benefits of exercise.

“in order to remain healthy, the entire day should be devoted exclusively to ways and means of increasing one’s strength and staying healthy, and the best way to do so is through physical exercise.”

The more I have explored the need for fairly intense movement as a response to getting old, the more convinced I am of the truth of the quote.