Bistro Chicken Fettuccine

Denise made a wondeful fettuccine lunch. There was a hint of sweetness from the figs and onions. I don't normally like sweet, but this was wonderful.

IMG 3322

This recipe came together quickly, and so did all of the prep work in advance.

  1. Mince ~2 Tbsp Vidalia onion, julienne, and a small amount of cooked ham for another layer of flavor, dice 3 Mission figs, and portion out ~ ½ cup of diced tomato. Trim one-half cup of small broccoli florets.
  2. Mix ~½ cup of chicken broth with 1 Tbsp Dijon mustard, tarragon, and some pepper.  Crumble up ~2 Tbsp feta.
  3. Cut boneless skinless chicken breast into strips and lightly salt/pepper.
  4. Bring a pot of water to boil for the fettuccine, turn off the burner, and cover. Portion out the pasta on standby.
  5. Saute chicken in some EVOO and set aside when just barely cooked.  
  6. Saute Step 1 ingredients then mix in the liquids and cook it down.  Bring pasta water back up to a boil.
  7. Add chicken back into the pan and combine all, including the feta.
  8. Cook the pasta (used fresh so it was done in 3 minutes, else cook sooner than this). Toss in the broccoli for about a minute before the pasta is done.
  9. Drain and combine with chicken mix.