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Denise made another fantastic, yet very simple, meal today. The sandwiches were toasted sharp cheddar, ham, turkey, mustard, and tomato on focaccia. But this is not just any American focaccia. I lived in Chiavari, Italy, for several years as a child, and I remember well what Ligurian focaccia is. The only American product that even comes close is the Boulart focaccia. The only focaccia that could top it is the actual Ligurian trattoria product, fresh out of a fired oven and sizzling in olive oil.

The salad was definitely a contender for the star of the meal, being a mixture of:

  • massaged kale,
  • shaved Brussel sprouts,
  • grated carrot,
  • chopped red cabbage,
  • green grapes,
  • clementine sections and
  • Chick-fil-A copycat salad dressing.

And, of course, there was the pour-over coffee.