8/11 - 146.2 lb

I realize that running 20 miles when you’re already tired from covering 32 miles earlier that week is what gets you ready to run 26 at the marathon.

8/12 - 146.2 lb

The next morning, lifting, I’m able to notch up reps on sets. This has never happened before. I have never been able to increase volume in strength training after a long run. I almost skipped my workout as I lay in bed this morning, feeling so tired. Likewise immediately after waking up. I was tired and sore all over. But within half an hour, I was fine. I wound up having a great workout.

In 15 years' training, I have never grown in strength the morning after a long run. I've achieved a full pump.


8/11 - 146.2 lb

Started the run around 04:20. Tired from yesterday’s 9.5 mile run. Pace really poor, hovering around 14 mpm. After DNF’ing on my last long run, I decided to just run the whole distance at this pace, if necessary. At dawn’s first light, my pace has already dropped to 13:30. I don’t feel any more energetic; it is just that I’m getting more pace for the effort. By mile 10, in full daylight, I’m starting to dip below 13 mpw, which I do not want to do. As the teens tick by, I repeatedly catch myself at 12:30, 12:15. At mile 15, I don’t feel any better than I did at the beginning, I just don’t feel particularly worse. I realize that the tiredness is really irrelevant. I realize that running 20 miles when you’re already tired from covering 32 miles earlier that week is what gets you ready to run 26 at the marathon.

After finish, I have my usual blood pressure crash, but I don’t have my energy crash. I’m tired and achy but not to the point where I’m debilitated. Amazingly by 1600, I’m recovered. My legs feel almost fresh and the tiredness is gone. We must have done a picture-perfect recovery.


7/26 - 147.8 lb

Lifting this morning, upper body compound barbell movements. Did dead lifts after a run yesterday in the gym at work. I'm surprised and delighted that I'm not sore. Also, did cable crunches with the very nice cable machine they have there. What wonderful isolation on obliques and my abs. I had forgotten how well these movement target my mid-section. Need to get to my hip flexors too, though. V crunches are good for that.

Today, I won't have time for isolation arm movements, so I'll just stick to the big exercises: pull ups, bench press, supine rows and standing presses. Taking 3 minute rest breaks for 5 sets. I'm enjoying this pace today. Instead of being limited by anaerobic panting as I work through my sets, I can really feel muscles weaken with each successive one. Bit by bit, the cumulative effect of muscle effort rather than pounding heart. This approach maximizes volume lifted....optimal for hypertrophy. I do each rep slowly, with full control, with emphasis on feeling it in the muscles being worked.

Got off to a slow start this morning. I've run 22.5 miles in 3 days. The week's wearing me down. Managed to slip in 5 sets of super setted chins and push ups on Wednesday. Hard to do more that on a running day. Don't really like going more than 72 hours between strength work sessions. Notwithstanding all the previous work this week, this workout is fairly strong. I'm no good at foretelling the strength of my workout or run by the way I feel going into it. Perhaps this is because it's so early when I start...I haven't shaken off the effects of sleep yet. There's a lesson here somewhere.....never give up before starting...but I already knew that.


Fr. 7/5  - 147.4 lb

Doing full body barbell this morning. Weaker today. Not sure if it's lack of will or tiredness. I'm in a down week for running. Only run was yesterday: 6.8 miles at a 12:40. Felt good.


Mo. 7/1
Achy in the morning. Slight tightness around my left achiles tendon.

Reasonable weight work out, but not strong.



Su. 6/30

16 miles. Finished at 80 F. Tried to be pace-aware and hold at a 13:30. My average turned out to be 13:25. Legs still tired from last weekend and the hill repeats I did on Saturday. Finished the run tired, but not wiped.

15 years of running in my neighborhood and it took until yesterday to figure out why the last mile of my long runs could wipe me out, specially under the hot summer sun. I was lucid enough passing mile 15 to actually measure and contemplate my last mile. The rise out of Deer Hollow to my home is 175 feet over one mile. The hill I descriptively dubbed Mount Tendinitis presents 55 feet of rise over 0.2 miles. And, what's more, there is no shade....no respite from the sun. On a cool day, I can run it very comfortably. At the end of a long run in the heat, it can pulverize my will.